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The world is rapidly changing due to a growing number of videos featuring innovative and creative people through the public realm of the Internet. Appearing from lectures, talks, conferences, debates, symposiums, and interviews, you will be moved by exciting, progressive, and thoughtful free videos of hundreds of men and women across the globe. Technology now allows us to listen to these people via the many websites below.



The Internet offers us a wide variety of innovative, challenging, and thought-provoking free lectures and talks that are available 24/7. A few keystrokes and the click of your mouse are all it takes. More and more people like yourself are refusing to accept the often-confusing television sound bites and are opting for more in-depth and thoughtful lectures and talks given by serious men and women who dedicate their lives to building a better world community.


Talks are now being produced by many individuals and institutions that allow you to enjoy a “unique seat” as an event unfolds, making you the recipient of a wealth of stimulating and innovative ideas. In recent times, the word “talks” has replaced the word “lectures” when topics are presented in a shorter frame of time. This is best represented by the 18-minute limit for TEDTalks. Other “talks” are presented by the GEL Conferences, the Do Lectures, and the Lift Conferences, to name but a few.



Free-to-view conferences, interviews, symposiums, and debates are also well represented on the Internet. TED, Chautauqua and many other organizations have annual conferences where they bring in the best minds from around the world  --- and into the comfort of your home. Video seems to be the perfect platform for these types of events. Attracting hundreds of people to their live presentations, thousands more have the luxury of viewing them at home. Some of the world’s most innovative people appear on these stages and there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by you, the viewer. – Ideas worth spreading – The “seed” for our  desire to create

   Activate – Changing the world through technology

   Aspen Ideas Festival – Exchanging ideas that matter – Aspen Colorado - A global forum connecting people and ideas
BIL Conference – An ad-hoc conference for people changing the world in big ways - California
   Bill Moyers and Company – Interviews with international guests New York
   Charlie Rose – Interviews with international guests New York
   Chautauqua Institution – The great lecture library New York
Commonwealth Club – The public forum - California
   Conversations from the Cullman Center – New York Public Library – New York City

   C-SPAN Video Library  Archives – 170,000+ videos since 1987
   Davos Debates – Your pitch to the world - Switzerland
Digital Life Design - Global conference network on innovation, digital media, science and culture
   Discover – Science, technology and the future

   Doha Debates – With BBC’s Tim Sebastian - Qatar
Do Lectures - Giving you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about Cardigan, West Wales – To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge – New York City For intelligent video on the people, issues, and ideas changing the world  - San Francisco
   Forum Network – WGBH Educational Foundation - Boston
   FreeVideoLecturesBringing free education to all
   GEL Conference  The world’s top creative leaders, exploring good experience New York City
Google Talks – Mountain View, California

   Hard Talk – Hard Hitting interviews, BBC
   Idea City – The Smartest People, The Biggest Ideas - Toronto
Idea Festival – Fresh thinking, new connections, innovation that matters
   Intelligence Squared Debates - United Kingdom - The World of Debate
   Intelligence Squared Debates - United States - The World of Debate
   LIFT Conference - Identify and anticipate current and emerging usages of digital technologies
   Ignite - Enlighten us, but make it quick
   Long Now Foundation – Seminars about long-term thinking San Francisco
   OneWorldTVUnique public platform . . . an interest in video and a concern for a better world - London
Open Culture - Free cultural and educational media
   O’   Spreading the knowledge of technology innovators
PBS Video
   PeoplesArchives - A place where you can watch a story and see all the stories connected to it - London
Pop! Tech - World-changing people, projects and ideas New York
   Science Network - Dedicated to the discussion of issues at the intersection of science and social policy
Sci talks – Smart people on cool topics
   SciVee.tvMaking science visible

   SittingOThe best speakers, the best conferences – Created by GEL founder Mark Hurst
   Slate’s Meaning of Life TV – Cosmic thinkers on camera Interviews by Robert Wright – New York City

SlowTVIntelligent Talk – Australia
 TEDxIndependently organized TED events
The Alcove with Mark Malaro - Great minds think differently
   Video Lectures Net – Exchange ideas and share knowledge
YouTube EDU
   92nd Street Y - A wide-ranging cultural, educational and community center  New York City

University and Higher Learning Video and Lecture Sites

   Academic Earth – Online courses from the world’s top scholars San Francisco
   Berkeley Webcast
Channel N – Brain and behavioral videos from PsychCentral
   Columbia University
   Debate Video
Festival of Ideas University of Melbourne
   Free Video Lectures
   Harvard University
Institute for Advanced Study – Princeton University
KHANAcademy – Learn Almost Anything for Free
   MIT World
NewScientist - Latest innovations and ideas in science and technology
   Ohio State University
OnlineUniversities Lectures
   Open University
Open Yale Courses
   Princeton University
   Research Channel
   Stanford University
University of California San Francisco
   University of California TV
University of Southern California
   Yale University


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About The initial idea for this website was developed in 2009 after realizing that one had to search many sites to find the ones listed above. At the time, I had no idea that the Internet contained such a rich variety of viewpoints from men and woman who are truly making a difference in our world community. This site is dedicated to those of us who want quality substance beyond the fog of mindless chatter and short sound bites. I welcome your suggestions regarding other sites and speakers. Jim Melfi.

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